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In May of 1979, the Ministry of Education notified our University, NTTU, to establish the Center of Special Education (the Center will be used as the short name in the following passage) in order to assist the colleagues in our supervising district to solve issues regarding special education. On August 1 of the same year, the Center of Special Education has been officially inaugurated. The goals are to :

1) push for the development of the research about the special education in our school district;

2) provide counseling and information to solve any problems in relation to the parenting and schooling issues of the children with special needs;

3) provide services for related issues in the special education based on the regulations of special education.

Since the establishment of our center, in addition to the original missions, we have made every endeavor to reinforce the counseling services, raise the quality of our services, establish the specialties of our center, improve our equipment and facilities of special education, and arrange for better administrative space and so forth.

In May of 1997, the refined special education law stated that each Normal College should establish its own Center of Special Education to be responsible for the services of diagnosis, teaching, and counseling for the students with special needs within its supervising district. Since August of 1998, the Center of Special Education has been jointed with the Department of Special Education. Meanwhile, based on the organizational regulations of our university, the Center is under Teachers College.

Since Teachers College was moved from Taitung Campus to Jhihben Campus in June 2013, the Center has been located at TC117 while the counseling room has been at TC116, next to the Office of Special Education. The arrangement of the space has been improved; also do the functions of its services. We have strived to make more improvements based on the foundations we have had. Currently our Center has provided several services based on the policies and missions by the Special Education of Ministry of Education.